What is Qmax?

Qmax are high-intensity, instructor-led functional classes guaranteed to push you to your max! Different high-intensity training moves allow you to push yourself at your own pace in a motivating team environment. Qmax classes are delivered in a unique and exciting environment lead by world class instructors.We have a range of exciting class formats designed for strength, weight loss, increased fitness, endurance and athletic performance. These classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and will truly fast-track your results!

What are QMax Classes?

  • High intensity – strength and cardio rolled into one action packed workout!

  • Team – sweat it out with others in a motivating and fun team environment!

  • Push it to the max – push your body and mind to new heights to achieve your goals!

  • Variety - high intensity signature classes - Tour the world 1 class at a time!  

Why try QMax Classes?

  • Cost effective - benefit from personalised training at a fraction of the cost

  • Guaranteed results – whatever your goal or fitness level!

  • Benefits – Strength, weight loss, increased fitness, endurance and athletic performance!

We have 18 Qmax locations throughout Australia offering the ideal setting to fast-track your results.  Most of our Qmax classes are delivered within Fit n Fast Clubs which provides the best environment to get your energy up and push yourself to your max!

When you join up to Qmax you will also benefit from gym access to help complement your training! We can’t wait for you to join our Q-crew!

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