Not Summer body ready? No stress we’ve got you covered 😉 Try these Qmax exercises to help you get Summer body ready

Swann Crunches:

Ladies and gents if you are after a chiselled 6 pack, look no further then the swann crunch – I know it sounds girly but this exercise packs a punch and BURRRRNNNNNS. Make sure you keep your knees at tabletop and really try to bring your chest as close to your knees as possible, to increase the movement. Look to do between 15-30 reps for 3 sets. Obviously the more you can you do the better the burn, so start off easy and build your strength up!

Band Glute Bridges:

Ladies this one is for you! I know its super important you all have peachy cheeks when you’re walking down at the beach checking out the eye candy. You need to be doing BANDED GLUTE BRIDGES. Place the band below your knees and keep the tension on the band by squeezing your knees out throughout the exercise. Bum starts on the floor and then pulse your hips up as high as you can whilst squeezing your butt! Look to do at least 20 reps and 3 sets. I promise you ladies – you won’t be disappointed!

Dumbbell Burpee Press:

I know what you’re thinking burpees, YUK!!! But you got it all wrong, if you are looking to trim down or get stronger all at the same time then the burpee is for you! Add in some DBs and you are well on your way to looking like Hercules for the lads and JLO for the ladies! Just remember the DBs don’t need to be heavy for you to feel the full effect. As you jump into push up position you can jump straight back in and up OR add in the push up if you are really keen! With the heart rate sky rocketed you will be burning plenty of calories but the addition of the DBs will ensure your strengthening your muscles. Win – Win if you ask me! Look to do between 10-15 reps with a decent rest between sets!

Dumbbell Goblet Squats:

Missing leg day isn’t cool! When you head down to the beach lads and your legs look like twigs -women don’t dig that and ladies I know its super important to have a well toned lower half especially when the tan sets in! I have the perfect exercises for you! The goblet squat is very easy to do, just grab a DB keep it in front of your chest and get as low as you can. The lower you get the more legs you will engage and the better the results. The great thing about keeping the weight in front means it becomes a full body exercise. Using your arms to obviously hold the DB BUT also the weight will want to push your forward so you need to engage your core to keep you upright! Don’t be scared of the weight and look to go as heavy as you can for between 8-15 reps. Take a 1 minute rest and go again for 3 sets!