Class Types

  • Looking to burn calories like a real New Yorker? Then New York HIIT is for you! Intervals of strength and Cardio that are guaranteed to get you toned up and get your heart racing just like your first trip to the big apple!

  • Strut the beach with confidence Miami Style… Miami Abs combines compound movements to get the core working & Abs burning. This class will improve strength, alleviate back pain and give you some ripping abs in no time!

  • Say Konnichiwa to Tokyo Attack! Tabata Training has been around forever… just like Mt Fuji! With just 20 seconds of work and 10 second rests repeated for 4 minutes or until you drop this class really gets results! Tokyo Attack is fantastic for weight loss, endurance and toning.

  • Life’s a carnival when you do it Rio style! Push it to the next level with a dynamic based workout incorporating power and agility. Athletica is a class for every day athletes and weekend warriors.

  • Do you even lift? London Lift is all about building strength and staying lean. A combination of body weight, traditional weights and new age strength training equipment that will keep you challenged every step of the way.

  • Say it three times and it sounds like ‘I want a booty’ which is exactly what you’ll get from this class!

    Focused around toning the booty, thighs and abs while burning major calories. Not only will it give you a body Queen Bey herself would be envious of, strong glutes also provide great support to your knees, back and core and make you a power house in all other movements.


  • Find your hidden dragon with three rounds of fat fighting fun! This boxing
    themed class includes all your favourite Qmax exercises as well as partner
    shield work and our signature Boxmaster workout. The decision is unanimous,
    Shanghai Box really packs a punch by challenging your fitness, burning
    calories, and gaining knockout arm and core strength.

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