Qmax FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Qmax high intensity, instructor led functional classes are guaranteed to push you to your max in a motivating team environment.

    Qmax is largely based around HIIT (high intensity interval training) and tabata intervals. This class style enables everyone to work at their own pace but also in a group and partner environment to push you to reach your very best!

    We offer a range of signature class designed to improve strength and fitness, weight loss, stamina and athletic performance.These classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and will truly fast-track your results!

  • Not at all! The benefit of having instructor led classes is that we have the ability to modify exercises to suit any level. Being a time based class allows you to work at your own pace. The beauty of time based intervals is that you control how many repetitions you achieve.

  • Yes!! Despite being the opposite to a beginner, the principle of time based intervals is the same. You should be working up to 90% of your max heart rate during the peak of each work period. Push yourself to do more reps, faster or with heavier weights, plus our instructors will be there to make sure your not cheating yourself from the best possible workout.


  • We recommend that you book your first class during staffed hours so that you can meet the team and pick up your membership access card. *Access card provides gym access, Qmax class packs/passes are valid during staffed hours only. Classes can be pre-booked up to 7 days prior to a class.

    It’s easy, follow these simple steps:-

    1. CLICK HERE & select your Qmax club

    2. Choose your class, sign in & book

    Alternatively you can also book via the MINDBODY App, find us by searching ‘Qmax’.

  • We highly recommend that you book into your classes as all classes have a maximum capacity, and not only that, it enables you to arrive at the club and check into class with ease. All classes can be booked 7 days in advance.

  • If you are unable to attend your class please cancel your class booking by logging into your account HERE. Alternatively you can also cancel via the Mindbody App or call your club directly. This means we will then be able to add someone from our waitlist. You will be able to cancel up to 3 hours before the class begins, after this window you will be unable to cancel and will be charged a late cancel/no show fee of $15. This is to ensure that all of our Q-mmunity get to enjoy the classes they wish to attend!

  • No problems at all! You can call your Qmax location of choice and they can book/cancel a class for you!


  • Firstly, congratulations on taking the Qmax plunge. You’re going to have a great workout and a great experience supported by our amazing instructors and fellow Q-crew. We highly recommend you arrive 15mins prior to the class so you can get settled and be introduced to our instructor. They will always like to take a few minutes discussing your fitness background, any injuries or limitations and making sure we can best direct you towards your fitness goals.

    Remember to bring workout gear, a sweat towel and water bottle and you’re all set!

  • We can work around most minor injuries and common medical conditions. If there’s something we need to be aware of, just let the instructor know prior to the class starting and during the workout if you feel any discomfort. Qmax may not be suitable if you are in the early stages of recovering from an injury, major heart conditions and pregnancy. If in doubt, please phone ahead and we can answer your questions.

  • Any workout gear that you are comfortable moving and sweating in. Enclosed shoes are a must as are a towel and water bottle to ensure you stay hydrated.

  • Ideally it’s best to bring MMA style gloves and wraps with you to have the best experience possible. First class/don’t have gloves? That’s okay, for your first 1-2 classes we can supply you with communal gloves. Once you’re hooked on Shanghai, it is best to purchase your own for hygiene and fit.

  • Yes, please do!!! You will be exerting lots of energy so we need to know you have some fuel in the tank. We recommend something light approximately 30-60 mins prior to the class.

  • If it’s your first class, please arrive 15 mins early so the instructor can spend some time making sure you’re ready for the class ahead. For subsequent visits, we ask that you still arrive 10mins early so we can get the class underway on time. Anyone arriving after the warm up has commenced will unfortunately not be able to participate for safety reasons.

  • Qmax is about training hard but also about meeting new people. The instructor will match you up with someone to work through the class with. Although it may appear that lots of regulars know each other, many actually met through Qmax!



  • A Pause option is available on all membership types. A pause on memberships is available in fortnightly blocks with a minimum of 1 fortnight and a maximum of 6 fortnights. If you are currently in a commitment period and you take a pause then your commitment period will extend for the additional length of any pause taken. A fee will be charged for each pause made. If you would like to put your Membership on hold have a chat to a team member at your Club and they can get you sorted or email quickassist@fitnfast.com.au

  • A minimum of two weeks written notice is required to terminate membership either via email or delivered to the club. This notice is taken from the next available direct debit date. Termination fee may apply if cancelled within the minimum term of a commitment membership.

  • No Commitment Memberships can be cancelled at anytime with 2 weeks written notice without incurring any cancellation fees. 12 month commitment memberships will incur a cancellation fee if you do so within the commitment period. More information can be found in our membership Terms and Conditions by clicking HERE.




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