Paris Zacharis had been a regular gym member for years visiting the club 3-4 times a week until 12 months ago he was introduced to Qmax. Qmax High Intensity Classes presented new challenges  to Paris and mixed up his regular routine in which his results were plateauing.

“Qmax classes are awesome for beginners through to advanced individuals. I spent 12 months of my membership doing what I thought was okay, when in reality I had no idea! The classes take the guess work out of your training, and working alongside others is something truly terrific.

I’m not sure if the difference is the comradely, the variety or the challenge to push yourself against the person next to you. It would also be the added benefit of being supervised by a personal trainer (without the cost of a personal trainer).

I recommend Qmax classes to anyone looking for a fun and rewarding journey to a healthier, stronger you. Best of all – you can trail it for free!”

Paris has been attending a huge 8 Qmax classes a week for the last year and is loving his results! Try out your free Qmax 7 day VIP pass now.

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