What is Qmax challenge?

The 6 week Qmax challenge focuses on improving body composition by decreasing body fat % and increasing lean muscle. We team up with lifestyle program ph360 to provide you with training and nutrition plans based around your ‘health type’ which is assessed and determined at the beginning of the challenge to ensure your plan is tailored to you.

A Qmax challenge wouldn’t be complete without a high intensity workout, so we put you through a short but challenging  pre and post workout workout before and after the challenge to highlight your improvements over the 6 weeks.

How people get involved

It’s easy! Simply Join at your nearest Qmax location or register your interest via our website https://www.qmaxchallenge.com.au/

Benefits of taking part

Not only are you left feeling and looking great! There are many health benefits involved during and after completing our 6 week challenge. Here are a few examples:

Lose Body Fat

HIIT style workouts have been proven to be one of the most effective forms of training to lose body fat fast. The style of our classes means that your body never gets a chance to “steady state” meaning that your body is expending lot of calories both within the workout and even after you’re finished… how good is that?!

Gain Lean Muscle

Qmax involves a high amount of resistance training either through varied equipment or body weight. This means that you’re able to increase your strength and lean muscle whilst still burning calories. The end result is that lean “ripped” look that everyone is chasing.

Nutrition Plans

We know that nutrition is key to getting results so ph360 will provide you with a detailed list of what you should and should not be eating based on your particular health type. This support is quite extensive and involves meal planners, recipe ideas and much more.

Training Plans

Not sure what to do outside of Qmax classes? We’ve got you covered. Your ph360 profile will also provide the ability to generate session plans and change them up depending on whether you’re seeking cardio or strength, have access to equipment or only body weight and vary from 15 to 60 minutes in length.

Q-mmunity Support

Knowing that you’ll be experiencing the challenge alongside hundreds of other people nationally will give you that extra motivation to aim high and stay on track. Our expert coaches will also be in regular contact via our private Facebook group and email to pass on extra tips and insights and make sure you get the results you’re chasing.

Check out these amazing results by some of our previous participants!

We look forward to seeing you push it to the max in our next Qmax challenge! Watch this space….